Christmas Opening Hours

  • 21st December – Normal operating hours 0900 - 1700
  • 22nd December – Normal operating hours 0900 - 1700
  • 23rd December – Normal operating hours 0900 - 1700
  • 24th December – Opening hours are 0900 - 1300
  • 25th December – Unit is closed
  • 26th December – Unit is closed
  • 27th December – Unit is closed
  • 28th December – Unit is closed
  • 29th December – Normal operating hours 0900 - 1700
  • 30th December – Normal operating hours 0900 - 1700
  • 31st December – Opening hours are 0900 – 1300
  • 1st January – Unit is closed
  • 2nd January – Unit open as normal for Saturday service 0900-1300
  • 3rd January –  Unit is closed
  • 4th January – Normal operating hours 0900 - 1700

King’s Fertility: A Specialist Team of Family-Makers

Mar 31st 2019

King’s Fertility: A Specialist Team of Family-Makers

Our new state-of-the-art premises at the Fetal Medicine Research Institute provides an opportunity for closer integration with our research colleagues from the Fetal Medicine Foundation and the chance to make a greater impact in the global field of fertility and fetal medicine.

Ask any of our team why they do what they do, and they will tell you that theirs is the most rewarding job in the world.

Unique rewards…

Working in the field of fertility brings unique rewards specifically when parents arrive for their follow up appointment proudly holding their babies and thanking us, for the skilful interventions of our team that allowed the birth of their baby. 

In the 36 years since we were established, we have seen more than 5,340 IVF babies born to parents in our care. At the same time, many couples or individuals are unsuccessful in achieving their dream of becoming parents. Maybe the greatest reward comes from these couples, who despite not succeeding, still thank us for the level of care and support we provided them during their fertility journey with us. 

Unique challenges…

The ambition to overcome the number of challenges in fertility is one of the reasons that our work has become a lifelong passion and motivates us not only to improve as an individual clinic, but also help promote research in the field. 

This is why we pledged from the start to invest a significant proportion of our profits in supporting the work of the Fetal Medicine Foundation, a registered charity which aims to improve the health of pregnant women and their babies before during and after birth by conducting fetal medicine research and training.

Grants in excess of £23 million over the last 20 years have enabled the foundation to conduct ground-breaking research projects into all aspects of fertility, pregnancy and birth to improve the experience of parents and babies. Major projects include:

  • Early diagnosis of fetal abnormalities
  • Screening for chromosomal defects
  • Development of safer techniques for prenatal diagnosis
  • Intrauterine fetal surgery
  • Prediction and prevention of preeclampsia
  • Prediction and prevention of preterm birth
  • Prediction and prevention of stillbirth
  • Prediction and management of fetal growth restriction
  • Problems of multiple pregnancies

Leaders in the field

Everyone in our team is dedicated to providing the very best fertility treatment and care for aspiring parents and their babies and we are proud to have some of the leading names in their field working with us; people like our Director, Dr Ippokratis Sarris. Dr. Sarris is passionate about ensuring that patients receive treatment that precisely meets their needs and that care is of the highest quality. 

Our integration with the Fetal Medicine Foundation ensures that we are able to provide continuous care throughout your fertility journey. After the 12th week of pregnancy you can be seen by our colleagues at the Foundation, under the supervision of Professor Kypros Nicolaides; a global pioneer in the practice of Fetal Medicine. 

King’s College Hospital offers a long history of success. It is one of the most well-reputed research hospitals in the country and in the world. 

Our partnership with the Fetal Medicine Foundation and King’s College Hospital, enables us to continue leading in the field of fertility. We partner with the best, to ensure you receive the care you deserve.

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